Churchill Report

The full text of the Ward Churchill review report is finally out and posted HERE. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Colorado but never took a class from Churchill; still, like so many others, I haven't been able to help myself from following the story as it's unfolded.

Though a final decision has not been made, the majority of the faculty committee have decided that Churchill should either be dismissed or put on leave without pay.
The Committee found that Professor Churchill'’s misconduct was deliberate and not a matter of an occasional careless error. The Committee found that similar patterns recurred throughout the essays it examined. The Committee therefore concluded that the degree of his misconduct was serious, but differed on the sanction warranted.
A lesser-known controversy surrounds this widely circulated image of Churchill:

As an image, I guess it could be said to remember this picture of Malcolm X, though the contexts were very different. I make the connection just because we seldom get "social theorists with guns."

Anyway, what was bizarre was when this doctored and rifleless version of the Churchill image was put online by someone at Shoreline Community College in Seattle. (Churchill was coming to speak at Shoreline; some blogging about this fiasco can be seen by clicking here.)

I'm left feeling mainly bummed that Churchill's research, writing, and citation practices were such that they made him oustable. Citation is easy. Standing out and saying something different is what's difficult, and now he'll be looking for a job.

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