Code and Display

Code and display, code and display. I'm in my office this morning (yes, the door is shut) writing about code and display.

It's amazing how long it can take sometimes for an idea to gestate. I started thinking about code and display in around 1999 when I started writing in html, then again when I learned to use css to control features of display more centrally. (With css code and display gets complicated because you no longer have a behind/in-front analogy to draw from, as the .css file can be spatially far off.)

And I've blogged various things about code and display over the years (I'm thinking of something two or three years ago about hotspots on template-derived blogs; I'm thinking of something else four or five months ago about scale sometimes being significantly disproportionate when it comes to code and display) and now I find those ideas not "coming together" necessarily but helping me think through a section on code and display in terms of author/system collaboration.

Which is what I'm now getting back to, save a knock on the door. But this is in appreciation blogging small ideas as a way to long-term gestation.

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