A Bit More On Chalk Writing

Now that we all know there will be ceremonial fire extinguishing going on on campus (too many easy jokes to make on that one), I thought I'd post the other remnants from my campus.chalk.writing documentation. These are largely from the recent student government campaign, two other sites of advertising being the traditional fliering and newer uses of Facebook for candidate statements/profiles.

(some of the more standard chalk writing; it uses a physical structure well, but is messy messy)

(detail shot of a typical chalked campaign text)

(a brilliant Tina Wei text working with the brickwork)

(and the one I posted a few days ago)

(detail work of repetition)



  1. randomly found this on online--haha, yes years later, but thanks for the compliments! :)

  2. funny! it was awesome stuff! the best ever, in my opinion