Another List (sic)

Yesterday, on the walk home from campus, I came across this found list:

Pocketing (I mean archiving) the note, I thought "Geeze, that's funny: why would someone make a list of pricey cars and then cross off the most priceyest of them?"

Getting home and showing the artifact to BP (a thrilling moment for us both, no doubt), I was quickly alerted me to the fact that I had not found a list at all, but a prognostication heuristic. (Okay, for the record I feel I should say that BP did not in fact use the words prognostication heuristic, but that is only because the term was not yet introduced. Though this may misrepresent our convo, I will continue to call this device a prognostication heuristic, or PH for short.)

I doubted BP. How could we know for sure? So BP was then nice enough, in a sort of teacherly demonstration, to recreate a PH of the kind that had been rent, discarded, and picked up by me. This instructive sample is HERE.

And if you never encountered or don't remember the mechanics of this particular PH, the deal is that The Seer (in my case BP) asks the subject for three answers to various questions: dream car? dream date? dream pet? etc. Then a number between one and ten. This number is then used to crossout all but one item from each list and ... Voila! the truth is foretold.

Induced into an uneasy state of elementary-school nostalgia, thus did I learn that I had not found a list but a piece of somebody's future.

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  1. I hope someone is ready pay lots of dollar signs for gas, in the future. (Though admittedly the Hummer is worse). Nice example, BP!